About Us



Board and Management Team

  • The Board: consists of five evangelical members who have business experience and can support tourism activities.

    The Management Team: CEO, Marketing & Operations Director, Sales Manager and Reservation Manager

  • The initial management team is subject to the founder of HET who will act as CEO.

General Manager (Entrepreneur) 

General manager is an engineer graduate of Technion Institute, and a MBA (Business Administration) from the University of Haifa. He has extensive experience in management and has held various positions during his career. He also was the head of the Convention of the Evangelical Churches in Israel (CECI)  for four years and for seven years the chairman of the Association of the Baptist Churches in Israel (the largest body in the evangelical family in Israel).

Marketing & Operation Director

Our Marketing and Operation director is in possess of a First Degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Ferrara, Italy.

He speaks five languages, Arabic, Italian, English, Hebrew and Spanish so you can have a smooth communication with him.

He has six years of experience in Incoming tourism dealing with American, European, Asian and South American markets.

His responsibilities will be:

  •  Keeping tight supervision over all factors impacting sales and profit performance. 
  • Maintain and develop relationships with Tour Operators abroad. Seek new partnerships where applicable/
  • Develop and implement new strategies to benefit from opportunities created by the evolution of our own on-line booking system.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the vacations of our customers work flawlessly, from the moment they arrive at the airport till the moment they leave, and promptly react to resolve unexpected problems in order to preserve customer satisfaction and corporate reputation
  •  Oversee and revise data feeding into our web booking system to ensure accuracy.
  •  Interact with service suppliers (hotels/transfers/activities) in order to get competitive pricing, accurate availability info, and quality of service. Create and revoke supplier agreements depending on demand needs and service quality.
  • In addition he coordinates between the various sectors and customer care. This role includes bringing our correspondence with our clients to a high level

Reservation Manager 

She has eight years of managerial experience in the tourism business.

Her responsibilities include dealing with suppliers, performance of other daily managerial duties. 

Sales Manager 

A sales manager has been hired to develop and manage activity in order to increase sales and profitable growth by cultivating business relationships and identifying business opportunities with the customers.

Our sale manager has 7 years of experience leading evangelical activities .