Services title

List of Services:

1. Biblical Outreach Tours

These tours will take groups to visit Biblical sites and provide them with teaching and orientation. Following the tours the groups will have opportunity to be involved in one or two day gospel outreaches in different cities. This will be done in partnership with local churches.

2. Biblical Sightseeing Tours

These will be regular tours without involvement in outreach. (You can choose from the packages list- Long trip, Classic trip or Jesus Steps)

3. Bible Training Tours (short term missions)

The duration of these tours is an extended period ranging from two weeks to two months. The participants will follow the route of Jesus' ministry and local Christian leaders will train the participants in areas of evangelism, leadership and Biblical history.

Additionally, we will deliver the following services:

     ►     Organize international conferences and outreaches for Local and international Churches and organizations.

     ►   Introduce Christian tourists from overseas to local ministries and give them an authentic understanding of what God                is doing in the Land, in both the Arab and Israeli communities.

     ►   Help local churches reach out to their communities through conducting local evangelistic tours for local non-                          believers and using the tours as platforms to share the gospel.

     ►  Involve Bible colleges, seminaries, and educational institutes in the framework of the tourism programs.


How do we do it?

(Our Unique Personal Touch)

At the airport

A representative of our agency will meet our clients upon arrival and will be the representative and liaison between the group and the airport authorities: this includes immigration and security issues, flight companies, etc. Our representative will direct the groups to their guides and buses and will travel together with them to their hotels for check in procedures. Upon their return, he will again accompany the groups to the airport and will help them pass smoothly through security and check in procedures.


HET Company will be assisted by experienced, evangelical guides (some of whom are pastors in local churches who are familiar with biblical sites and are able to present them from an evangelical perspective). All of our guides are well acquainted with the Bible and Israel’s archaeological sites. Tour guides are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and they receive their wages based on Israeli law.

The guide’s responsibility is to make our tours the experience of a life time.

Understanding the Evangelical Community

The Company Director will personally accompany the visitors to meetings with the evangelical community to expose them to what God is doing through the community in the Holy Land.